Best Ways to Burn Body Fat Fast

rippedLife is too short to diet, but burning body fat, you have to. You didn’t gain those extra pounds overnight, and same it will never take a single day to lose body fit. You need to be patient and consistent, ask me I know about patience as I have been involved in Towing Services. Every expert will tell you that crush diets do not work, they are unhealthy and offer just temporary quick fix. Actually, you may end up gaining more weight than you had previously.

There are no such things such as negative-calorie foods, and additionally, there are no magic combination of nutrients that can generate enough metabolic burn. Things such as green tea, caffeine and spicy foods can slightly increase your metabolism, but not very enough to make a huge difference. If you want to lose body fat, get leaner and healthier for long, here are the secrets.

Stay Hydrated

Water is calorie-free, and an essential part of metabolizing fat, in a process known as hydrolysis. It is very important to drink enough water every day. If you are following a 2000-calorie diet, you need about 67 ounces of water, of just over a half gallon. The body monitors blood volumes and when it notices that you are dehydrated, it sends out hunger signals. It is always a good tactic to drink water and wait for 20 minutes to see if your stomach rumbles.

Eat Protein at Breakfast

When you first wake up, you will be fasting all night long. Your body will not have anywhere to get proteins apart from the muscles. Because you don’t want to lose muscles, then you need to take proteins. You need to aim for about 20 to 30 grams of proteins every morning, by eating foods such as cheese, scrambled eggs, beans and coffee. Chia seeds, berries and nuts are good additions as well. You also need to add more lean proteins to your diet. This helps in lowering the risk of belly fat. Proteins take longer to digest, and is less calorie dense than fat. This means that it will keep you full for long, with fewer calories.

Exercise Moderately

If you are slightly overweight, it would be good you start your fat burning process with a low-intensity aerobics and weight training. This is to ensure that the body is not placed under undue stress at the initial stages. If you have more than 25 percent of body fat, the best way to get about it is to start slow and increase training intensity gradually. Moderate aerobics will likely burn a greater amount of body fat is the intensity is kept around 70 percent of maximum heart rate.

Cut back on alcohol

This is what we call beer gut. Your body has a tendency of prioritizing on getting rid of any alcohol in your system, and so it targets those calories first. This may impede your fat burning process. Alcohol tends to be very high in calories and its fast dissolving process might be the biggest damage happening to your body. Cut down on alcohol and you are more likely to cut on weight.


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