Six Basic Nutrients Required for Good Health

A basic nutrient is that which the body cannot develop or synthesize without intake from external sources. Therefore, it must be provided by the person through a diet. If the body lacks basic nutrients, the chances are high that you will suffer from a condition called malnutrition which affects its general functioning. You are ideally weak to work in highly challenging jobs such as construction, towing, mining among others. By principal, there are six essential nutrients that the body cannot survive without.



The brain derives most of its energy from carbohydrates. It is worth noting that they are also referred to as energy-giving foods, and therefore, the body cannot survive without them. Carbohydrates can be obtained from sources such as sugars, grains like maize and wheat and bread. These grains should be the whole grains. They significantly reduce the risks associated with heart complications and also maintain the balance of glucose in the body.



The primary structural component of virtually all the cells in the body is protein. The sources of protein are referred to as bodybuilding foods, as they repair the broken tissues of the body. They are usually broken down into some form of amino acids, which don most of the work. The body requires about 20 amino acids, and nine of them can only be provided through diet because the body is unable to synthesize them. Foods rich in proteins include low-fat meat, fish, eggs, leguminous cereals such as beans and peas. Sometimes proteins provide the body with energy if the carbohydrates are not sufficient.



Foods mostly have a mixture of both saturated and unsaturated fats. The saturated fats normally come from animal foods while the unsaturated fats are available in vegetable oils. The amount of calories produced by each gram of oil is almost double that produced by proteins and carbohydrates. They are important for the maintenance of parts such as the skin and hair.



Usually, vitamins regulate the reactions of the chemicals in the body. In general, the body requires about 13 vitamins, such as Vitamin A, B, C, D, and E. it is hard for the body to generate most of them, so, they must be provided through diet. They should not be confused with other sources of energy. The most recognized source of vitamins is fruits and some vegetables. The best way to consume vitamins is to take them as a full diet rather than the common habit of people consuming it as a supplement.



These are food components which are involved in numerous functions of the body. For instance, the body requires calcium and magnesium to form and strengthen the bones, while iron is mostly used to develop the red blood cells, which subsequently transport oxygen to all parts of the body. Even though it is not easy to find food with 100 percent minerals, they should be consumed as a varied diet.



Literally speaking, the body cannot survive without water. It forms close to 70 percent of the body. Some uses of water include regulating the temperature of the body, help in excretal processes, comes with minerals such as iron, and helps the cells to function properly. An adult should take about 8 glasses of water every day.

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